Chargeback deflection with the highest efficiency

Stop chargebacks through merchant-issuer collaboration. An easy-to-use, end-to-end solution that eliminates chargebacks altogether.


One platform to fight them all

Merchanto uses a highly effective and technology based strategy to fight chargebacks and stop fraud with both MasterCard and VISA bank cards.

In-house solutions with dashboard and API

An efficient and user-friendly platform based on unique in-house developments and direct API connections with VISA and MasterCard.

Onboarding in one day

Lightning-fast integration for online businesses of any size and from any country.

24/7 support

An experienced and competent dedicated manager will quickly solve all your questions at any time.

Our Features

The most powerful, technologically advanced and simple tool to stop chargebacks and grow your online business at your fingertips.

Direct VISA and MasterCard Partners

One simple integration connects you to a global network of VISA and MasterCard issuers.

Global Reach

Thousands of participating issuers in global markets support quick resolution services at the pre-dispute stage, preventing a chargeback from ever occurring.

Real-time Operation

We enable near-real-time sharing of dispute data and purchase details between financial institutions and merchants.

Increased Acceptance Rates

Issuing refunds and rapid resolutions instead of chargebacks creates a better experience and helps card issuers open acceptance rates.

Transparent and Useful Statistics

Access your data and know your key KPI’s and approval rates.

Advanced AI and Machine Learning Analysis

Merchanto is the leading AI-powered digital payments fraud and chargeback prevention solution.

Discover How Easy It Is

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